Credit Card Upgrade

We're excited to announce the unveiling of our new credit card program! Our new credit cards will feature a new card design and enhanced security with EMV Chip technology. 

Your new credit card will come with the following features:

  • EMV Chip Technology: Your new credit card will have an embedded chip that will help increase security and reduce fraud. The EMV chip will be in addition to the standard magnetic strip.
  • 24/7 Cardholder Service: Call 844-715-1585 for balance inquiries, payment information, transaction history, statement requests or to dispute a charge.
  • Online Access: Real-time credit card information, including transactions, pending activity, payment information and custom email alerts, plus sign up for electronic statements when you log into your account online at
  • Card Valet: Turn your card on and off, schedule alerts, and much more. (Must download app and register card.)


What is EMV?

EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard® and Visa®. EMV chip technology is becoming the global standard for credit card and debit card payments. This smart chip technology features credit cards with embedded chips that will help increase security and reduce fraud. This standard has many names worldwide and may also be referred to as: "chip and signature."

What do I need to do if I have preauthorized or recurring payments that are tied to my existing Cal State LA Federal Credit Union credit card?

To ensure there is no interruption in recurring or preauthorized payments (such as monthly telephone, electricity, gas bills, insurance, clubs, etc.), contact the merchant with your new card number and expiration date.

Will I need to send my payment to a new location after the conversion?

Yes. The new address will be included on the statement. If you pay this bill through online bill payment, you will need to update the mailing address to P.O. Box 2711, Omaha, NE 68103-2711 to ensure that your payment reaches the processor by your due date.

What is CardValet?

Card Valet is an app for iOS and Android devices that allows you to turn your card on and off, to view card information and transactions, to establish controls based on locations, merchant types and spending limits, and to set and change alerts based on your personal preference.

How can I get the CardValet app?

CardValet for iOS is available from the Apple App Store.  CardValet for Android is available from the Google Play Store. To use CardValet, the user must register a valid card number.


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